Booking reference: M191509171119;

Pick up location: MALTA AIRPORT

Starting date: 15/09/17 07:00;

Return location: MALTA AIRPORT ;

Chosen model: Name: Peugeot 107; Price: €186.50;

Return date: 22/09/17 07:00;

Chosen extras: Name: Collision Damage Waiver, Price: €32.2, Quantity: 1;
Name: Global Positioning System, Price: €35, Quantity: 1;
Name: Additional Driver, Price: €28, Quantity: 1;


Full price: €281.70;


User name: Joseph;

User surname: Calleja;

Date of birth: 1971/July/10;

Email: mch@merlin.com.mt;

Address: blk bini birkirkar;

Post code: bkr;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: 99478980;


Message: can I drop the car back to the airport please?;