Booking reference: M191707220548;

Pick up location: Specific Address 38 Maasai Triq il-Foss Paola

Starting date: 18/07/22 16:00;

Return location: Specific Address I might need car for more that 7 days until my car is repaired – will be able to confirm in a few days.;

Chosen model: Name: Kia Picanto; Price: €182.00;

Return date: 25/07/22 14:00;

Chosen extras: ;


Full price: 182.00;


User name: Eleanor;

User surname: Gerada;

Date of birth: 1980/1/9;

Email: egerada@gmail.com;

Address: 38 Maasai Triq il foss Paola;

Post code: PLA1236;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: 79884822;


Message: I might need the car for longer;