Booking reference: M720501180735;

Pick up location: MALTA AIRPORT

Starting date: 11/01/18 13:30;

Return location: MALTA AIRPORT ;

Chosen model: Name: Peugeot 108/Kia Picanto/
Mitsubishi Space Star
; Price: €277.10;

Return date: 28/01/18 06:00;

Chosen extras: ;


Full price: 277.10;


User name: Grubmann;

User surname: Christroph ;

Date of birth: 1968/1/14;

Email: grubl@gmx.at;

Address: Donauwoerther Strasse 27/6, 2380 Perchtoldsdodrf;

Post code: ;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: +4369919058887;


Message: Austrian Adress; I would appreciate a discount as I am a returning costumer and I celebrate my 50th birthday which is the reason for me to come to Malta 🙂 ;