Booking reference: M740411191059;

Pick up location: Specific Address 316 Triq San Pawl

Starting date: 06/11/19 09:00;

Return location: MALTA AIRPORT ;

Chosen model: Name: Peugeot 207/Ford Fiesta or similar; Price: €100.00;

Return date: 11/11/19 05:00;

Chosen extras: Name: Collision Damage Waiver, Price: €32.2, Quantity: 1;
Name: Global Positioning System, Price: €12.5, Quantity: 1;


Full price: 144.70;


User name: Timothy ;

User surname: Florin;

Date of birth: 1950/9/6;

Email: thjflorin@icloud.com;

Address: Princ of Orange 316 Triq San Pawl;

Post code: ;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: +61412764379;


Message: Please use email or WhatsApp for contact
We will drop off at airport very early. Who do I leave keys with?

We are only two persons but we have luggage for 2 months travel. Therefore we request a small car with good luggage space;