Booking reference: M740903171808;

Pick up location: Specific Address Victoria Hotel, Sliema

Starting date: 11/03/17 19:30;

Return location: Specific Address Victoria Hotel, Sliema;

Chosen model: Name: Ford Fiesta; Price: €84.00;

Return date: 15/03/17 19:30;

Chosen extras: ;


Full price: €84.00;


User name: Arkadiusz;

User surname: Rybakiewicz;

Date of birth: 1990/05/21;

Email: arkadiusz.rybakiewicz@gmail.com;

Address: Apartment 10, Sunbeam Crt, Triq Tigne, Sliema;

Post code: ;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: 99799127;


Message: Just call me to arrange a location where we will meet (Sliema). Like last time – taxi parking – is ok;