Booking reference: M741006191338;

Pick up location: MALTA AIRPORT

Starting date: 27/06/19 11:00;

Return location: MALTA AIRPORT ;

Chosen model: Name: Ford Fiesta/Peugeot 207; Price: €105.28;

Return date: 01/07/19 11:00;

Chosen extras: Name: Collision Damage Waiver, Price: €32.2, Quantity: 1;
Name: Global Positioning System, Price: €10, Quantity: 1;
Name: Additional Driver, Price: €7.2, Quantity: 1;


Full price: 154.68;


User name: Paul;

User surname: Homer;

Date of birth: 1962/7/30;

Email: Paulhomer8@aol.com;

Address: InterContinental Hotel;

Post code: ;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: 07958354360;


Message: This is the 2nd booking, as I require 2 vehicles during my stay in Malta at The InterContinental Hotel St Julians;