Booking reference: M800606170726;

Pick up location: MALTA AIRPORT

Starting date: 26/07/17 09:00;

Return location: Specific Address The Valletta Waterfront MSC MERAVIGLIA;

Chosen model: Name: Nissan Micra/Toyota Yaris; Price: €59.60;

Return date: 27/07/17 09:00;

Chosen extras: ;


Full price: €59.60;


User name: Wing Hong;

User surname: Cheng;

Date of birth: 1974/03/14;

Email: netbieshan@gmail.com;

Address: MSC MERAVIGLIA Cruise;

Post code: 0000;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: +852 94765589;


Message: Can I pick up and return at the port where the MSC MERAVIGLIA cruise will be?

How can I contact you on 26 July 2017? ;