Booking reference: M930903202109;

Pick up location: MALTA AIRPORT

Starting date: 31/07/20 23:30;

Return location: MALTA AIRPORT ;

Chosen model: Name: Ford Focus Estate; Price: €225.00;

Return date: 07/08/20 16:00;

Chosen extras: Name: Child Seat, Price: €21, Quantity: 2;


Full price: 246.00;


User name: OUMOKRANE;

User surname: SAMIR;

Date of birth: 1986/2/25;

Email: samir.oumokrane@yahoo.fr;

Address: KERCEN;

Post code: ;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: 0623654383;


Message: IMPERATIVELY equip the car with 2 seats for children
1 seat for baby 15 MONTH
1 seat for children 4 years old
thanks a lot not to forget because we arrive at 23H30 from France and your office may be closed;