Booking reference: M932705170554;

Pick up location: Specific Address Ta Nina, Triq Censu Farrugia

Starting date: 28/09/17 09:00;

Return location: MALTA AIRPORT ;

Chosen model: Name: Peugeot Partner/ Estate; Price: €173.10;

Return date: 03/10/17 20:00;

Chosen extras: Name: Collision Damage Waiver, Price: €32.2, Quantity: 1;


Full price: €205.30;


User name: Lada;

User surname: Sykorova;

Date of birth: 1984/05/02;

Email: sykorova.lada@seznam.cz;

Address: Ta Nina, Triq Censu Farrugia;

Post code: MST 9054 ;

Country: Malta;

Contact number: +420724345665;


Message: I would prefer the car with automatic transmission.;